People have been enjoying cricket-type games for more than five hundred years, but the cricket that we know and love came into existences just over 300 years ago. If you were to ask someone what the most popular sport is in Ireland, they will likely think for a couple of seconds and tell you football or Gaelic football. They would be right in doing so, but they will be surprised when you tell them that cricket in Ireland is very popular too.

We Indians love our cricket so much that it is practically a religion in our country. However, we are not the only nation out there that has a huge love for cricket, which is great because playing against ourselves would become pretty boring after a while. The English adore their cricket, but this cannot come as much of a surprise since it was them who created this fantastic sport. In the following article, we shall analyse cricket in the UK, the different wagers you can make on cricket, the best venues in the UK to watch a game of cricket, as well as provide insight into the best cricket betting sites.

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